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Platelet-Rich Plasma in Morganville, NJ

Because PRP is from your own blood, it is extremely safe. Dr. Bodner has been performing regenerative medicine treatments such as PRP for over 15 years.
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What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Your blood contains platelets. Although they are important for blood clotting, they also contain hundreds of proteins that have additional benefits.
Practitioners take the patient's blood and prepare it by centrifuging it to remove the red and white blood cells while leaving the platelets behind. Platelets contribute to your body's ability to heal itself through cell proliferation and tissue regeneration. Platelets produce healing proteins known as growth factors. There are numerous growth factors with varying roles; however, when they work together, they accelerate tissue and wound healing. As a result, this process can significantly improve tissue healing and regeneration.
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Benefits of PRP

Some patients report PRP benefits like pain-free activity without drugs, faster recovery, and improved joint function. PRP injections are ideal for a variety of conditions.

Tendon injuries, which range from tennis elbow to jumper's knee, can be chronic and excruciatingly painful. PRP treatments can help you recover faster, reduce pain, and resume your normal activities.

Acute sports injuries-You do not need to have a specific condition in order to benefit from PRP. It can aid in the recovery of muscle strains, spasms, or an untimely ankle sprain. PRP injections are used by surgeons to help with tendon and ligament repairs after surgery.

Osteoarthritis- Studies show that PRP procedures can help osteoarthritis patients by reducing pain, improving joint function, and improving their quality of life.
Yes, PRP may help men and women with hair loss by increasing blood supply to the area and triggering natural growth. Reduce aging signs- PRP treatments are natural fillers that reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment also works to reduce the visibility of acne scars and enlarged pores. Read the section below for more information.
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How platelet-rich plasma treatments work:

After preparing a concentration of your platelets, a trained medical professional cleans the area, uses a lidocaine topical pain ointment at the injection site, and injects them into the problem region to stimulate and accelerate your body's reparative abilities by as much as five to ten times greater than without the procedure.

For example, if you're dealing with tennis elbow and prefer something with fewer chances of side effects than a cortisone shot, the PRP injection uses your blood to heal your body. Additionally, cortisone injections dull your pain; they don't cure it, whereas PRP treatments promote healing. If you have had cortisone shots or medications in the past few weeks, you may need to wait two to three weeks after taking them to begin PRP treatments for the best results.

To find out if our PRP procedure is right for you, contact Bod Medical today.
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